Just How Dust in Your Home Impacts You How Air Purifiers Could Help

Statistics tell us that dust kills up to 50,000 US citizens each year. You may expect that this would be due to lung and chest disease, however other diseases such as heart disease and eventual heart attacks are a major cause of death due to dust. While we can see many of the larger particles – the ones you can easily sweep up with a vacuum cleaner or the ones you can see floating around in the middle of a light beam, the most dangerous particles to your heart are the invisible ones, the ones which are so tiny you can’t see them at all. 

The dust in your home often contains fiber particles from fibers, skin, pet skin, as well as pet hair, fur, feathers, saliva, droppings and urine. It also includes particles from food, pollen, and dust mites. Actually, your home is full of dust and it gets stirred up each time you vacuum, clean, dust, cook or move about your home. Unfortunately once the dust is in the air it can also pick up air-borne chemicals such as acidic aerosols and toxic chemicals and metals. If you then inhale these particles these chemicals – especially the aerosols can dissolve into your blood and lead to lots of health issues including, but not limited to your respiratory system.  In short these substances basically piggy back their way into your body on dust to poison you. 

Just as different particles vary in size, they also vary in the kind of effects they have on you.  The largest dust particles which tend to range from 5-10 microns in size are usually deposited in your nasal cavities and cause congestion, inflammation and sometimes lead to ulcers in this area. 

Next, we have particles in the 3-5 micron range. These particles tend to get into your lungs and can lead to bronchial congestion, bronchitis and other chest infections. However, there are other even smaller particles. These ones can penetrate your lungs farther and even enter your blood stream. Once there, they can affect the ability of your heart to regulate its rhythm in response to changes in demand such as when you are exercising. This can easily trigger the risk of having a heart attack. 

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