Buying an Air Purifier For Your Home

Things to Know Before You Buy an Air Purifier?

First of all, not everyone needs and air purifier. However, the facts are that in our heavily industrialized and very crowded world, the air is becoming more and more polluted. While its true that most countries are making an effort to curb pollutants emitted by vehicles and factories for example, the issue is becoming more serious. This is mainly because as more and more countries become industrialized and population (and wealth) increases, more and more products are being used and more waste is being generated than ever before in the history of mankind. 

We are also creating new products which means that there are far more allergens for us to react to. Indeed,  indoor air pollution can lead to all sorts or allergic  reactions such as Fatigue, headaches, asthma and other breathing difficulties, skin and breathing allergies, eye  nose and throat irritation as well as other conditions you may not even associate with allergies including high blood pressure, heart disease and adverse effects on your mental performance.

There is not that much you can do about external pollution (apart from applying pressure to politicians and activism) but since you probably spend at least a third of your life at home, it is important that you control the quality of air in your home. 

Changes in  home air quality

So why has your home air quality decreased over the past few decades?

There has been a lot of focus on conserving energy in tall buildings over the last 40-50 years. This has led to builders making buildings quite air tight. This is great for conserving energy but not so good for air exchange. In short these buildings tend to accumulate the chemicals they generate instead of releasing them to the general atmosphere. 

These include chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide gas and others such as radon and formaldehyde released by the synthetic or chemically treated building materials such as the carpets, walls, paint, insulation wood and flooring etc. 

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