Effect of Grehlin and Leptin on Losing Belly Fat and Weight Loss

It can be quite hard to lose weight, but even harder to keep that weight off afterwards. Indeed many people have found themselves gaining back all the weight they lost after a while, much to their disppapointment. This can be quite discouraging considering the hard work, dieting, exercise, Belly Fat Burners and other efforts made to lose it in the first place.

Why is this so?

It’s because your body is designed to maintain it’s balance and regulate itself in every area. For example, you need energy to maintain your body and you get that from eating. Your body has been designed to make you get hungrier and seek out food when there is insufficient energy for its metabolic processes and to tell you to stop eating once you’ve provided it with enough food.

In short your body is full of compensatory mechanisms so that any time you try to change things or the way it works it adapts to neutralize the changes you’re trying to make. This is especially so when it comes to trying to lose weight. Food has never been as abundant as it is now. Traditionally, food has been rare so whenever food is available, your body stores the excess as fat so it can be converted to energy when lean times come and food is harder to come by, for example historically during the winter.

Two hormones your body produces to regulate how energy is stored are Ghrelin and Leptin. Normally they work in the opposite manner to each other, but both affect or send signals to your brain to influence how much you eat.

Leptin is produced by your fat cells as well as other cells in organs such as your stomach and heart. Under normal circumstances it sends a signal to your brain telling it that you have enough food and should stop eating. In short it decreases your hunger levels. It is also believed to increase the amount of energy you use or calories you burn. In short, Leptin lets your brain know how much energy is available and what to do with it.

Ghrelin on the other hand sends a signal to your brain to make you hungry and get you to seek out food. Ghrelin is made by your stomach when it’s empty and it’s production is shut down once you are full. The more Ghrelin you produce the more you’ll eat and the more belly fat you’ll gain (especially in men) if you don’t or can’t burn the excess calories.

So if you want to lose weight (and burn stomach fat) you need less Ghrelin and more Leptin.

You might think then, why don’t we just inject people with Leptin and solve world obesity. Unfortunately, the situation is a bit more complex for two reasons
a) Leptin injections only work where you are leptin deficient.
b) You can develop Leptin resistance – especially if you are obese.

Normally, the more leptin you have the less hungry you feel. Since it’s made in fat cells, the more obese you are, the more fat cells you get and the more leptin you produce. So logically once you get obese, you should produce lots of leptin, stop being hungry and slim down automatically.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. Once you’re obese, you can develop leptin resistance which means that while your body is producing a lot more of leptin, your brain stops responding to it. So you instead get hungrier and eat even more, leading to greater obesity and more belly fat.

Another common cause of leptin resistance is fructose. A lot of foods are nowadays sweetened with fructose (Sucrose, your common table sugar is made up of equal proportions of Glucose and Fructose) so we get far too much of it and indeed obesity within the population has exploded since it started being added to a lot more foods.

The high levels of Leptin you get with Leptin resistance can cause you to store lots of belly fat as well as leading to conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, weight gain and infertility.

So what can you do about this?

Basically, short term solutions such as one time diets or a course of weight loss supplements don’t work as your body will work to reverse them. To succeed in losing weight you will need to use a solution that you can maintain over time. Since your physiology (the way your body works) is unique, and your diet and activities are also unique, you will need to develop a solution that works for you in particular.

Having said that, since generally speaking the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume – you will need to look into how you can significantly boost your level of activity and change your diet to a more healthy, less carbohydrate based one.

As much as possible, cut out sugar, processed foods and refined grains in your diet. Eat more fiber (from vegetable tubers, fruit and grains) in your food.

However, regarding regulating your hormonal levels, you can boost your Leptin by eating more of oily fish as Omega H3 fatty acids help to decrease hunger pangs.

In addition, you should try to develop regular sleep patterns and ensure you get adequate sleep each night. A lack of sleep has been found to result in increased production of Ghrelin and decreased Leptin production which is why you often end up ravenously hungry and put on weight after a poor nights sleep despite all theBelly Fat Burners you use or implement.